Question: Is Long Grove Handicap accessible?
Answer: Long Grove’s Historic character makes some buildings not handicap friendly.

¬†Country House policy during the Covid-19 wear a mask when in our store and respect people’s space.

Question: What are Long Grove’s Business hours?
Answer: Shop keepers Set there own hours, but typically from April to Dec they are open 7 days a week and on average 10am-5pm. During the holidays we extend our hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The Restaurants & wine bars keep longer hours being open for Lunch & dinner.

Question: Where can we park in town?
Answer: There are Two Large Free parking lots in town Stemple and Archer Lots also there are smaller lots by restaurants and shops, we are a police friendly town.
Site Map of Long Grove

Question: Where are the bathrooms in town?
Answer: Town is one block in either direction and in the middle of town on the corner is our visitor center which is equipped with a bathroom and friendly staff, all restaurants have public restrooms and Country House has a fine bathroom!

Question: What type of shops can we expect to find?
Answer: Privately owned gift, boutique, dinning, gourmet, Candy, antiques, coffee/tea & specialty wine with a new full Brewery opening in June and also the Fred Astaire Dance. Buffalo Creek Brewery

Question: Do all our events charge admission?
Answer: Only the Chocolate, Strawberry and Apple Fests have admission. Our Hometown events do not charge and are a great way to spend the day.
Long Grove Events

Question: Are there restaurants in town?
Answer: Yes, we have 4 full serve restaurants, coffee shop, limited serve and by appointment establishments.
Dinning in Long Grove